$79 Ancestry DNA Sale - September 2017 Sale Ancestry DNA Test Kits

Ancestry DNA Test Kit Sales & Coupons

AncestryDNA is known as one of the top DNA testing providers today. We've put together this page to track sales/coupons to help our readers get the best deals possible. Be sure to bookmark this page as we'll be adding information as new deals are announced!

September 2017 - AncestryDNA Summer Sale!

Not sure AncestryDNA is for you? Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we typically see:

Q. How much does the AncestryDNA test normally cost?

A. Normally the test sells for $99 on ancestry.com.

Q. Do you have to subscribe to Ancestry to get the DNA test?

A. No, the DNA test product is independent of the subscription​ research service. 

Q. How does Ancestry collect your DNA sample?

A. Ancestry will ship a test kit that contains a small vial which you will spit into. Then all you do is seal up the vial in the prepaid shipping envelope and send it away!

Q. How long does it take to get results?

A. The company says 6-8 weeks. To be honest, it all depends on time of year and how busy the lab is. My wife bought a kit for me for Christmas last year so the results took much longer than advertised since everyone and their mother probably got the same gift. ​Likewise if you buy during a big sale, it will probably take a bit longer. 

Q. Are there any additional/hidden charges?

A. No. You only pay one time when you checkout online.

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