Family Historian 7 Review

Marc McDermott

Have fun researching your family tree but are struggling to organize the masses of information that comes with genealogy? You’re not alone. Thankfully, there are different types of genealogy software to help you store photos, create charts, and a whole lot more.

In our Family historian 7 review, we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular to see if the new version is a useful tool for bringing your family tree to life. We’ll laser in on the new features, core features, cost, and a lot more.

What’s new in version 7?

Family historian 7 is packed with new features, but what are they, and how are they different from version 6? Let’s start with one of the most impressive:

Integrated Word Processing

Word processing features are one of the most requested features, and version 7 delivers. Notes and texts from the source field now support new fonts and texts, meaning you can highlight, underline, and change the paragraph style to organize your information the way you like it.

You can also create tables to make records and citations, embed source citations, and insert them directly into the text. 

Another feature that is sure to come in handy a lot is the Record Links function. This allows you to create clickable links to records of any kind. You can manually provide your text to keep a consistent record. Other notable features in integrated word processing are Website Links and Hashtags that allow you to create notes within notes. 

New Note Window

This floating window makes it easier to view and edit notes and integrates all the new word processing features. 

This is where you can search for specific items in the “Find in this Note” box, support Autotext, and add and delete rows and columns in any table. Record links can be dragged and dropped from the Records Window and the new note window is also where you can copy and paste from different sources such as web pages. 

Users can also spell check, and use a dictionary and thesaurus by clicking on selected words.

Research Notes

Different from ordinary notes, they allow the user to play with different staples to plan or create task lists, and they can be customized to the way you prefer to organize your notes. 

Source Templates

Source templates make it easier to record source information, and it is where you can create professional-looking citations of sources. This all aids the way you arrange key information and two collections of source templates are provided with version 7: Advanced/collection and Essentials. Both can be customized, and you can even create your collection and share them with others. You never know – someone else may have the perfect collection for you to use too!

Source Driven Data Entry

Family historian 7 has a completely new workflow, where you can work directly from the source. Known as Source-driven Data Entry, it is designed with the ways most genealogists tend to work. Upon receiving a source, you can enter the details directly into Family Historian, saving time and helping to keep things tidy.

New and Improved Diagrams

There are plenty to choose from including a new Everyone Diagram. These are new and improved and replace the old versions which didn’t scale well. 

Other diagrams include a new pedigree, waterfall, and DNA diagram but most notably a new All Relatives + Indirect Relatives diagram which was one of the most requested. These show all the people someone or a couple are related to.

New Reports

Here are the new reports included in Family Historian 7:

  • Calendar
  • File statistics
  • Individual Scrapbook
  • Individual Timeline
  • Tagged Notes
  • Note Records
  • Place Report
  • Sources and Citations
  • Research Notes
  • And A Lot More

Other notably new features include an improved report window, improved websites and family tree CD/DVD generation, historical maps where the user can zoom in and out to see their extended family around the world, fact flags, more floating windows, and improved import from The Master Genealogist (TMG).

Core Features


Family Historian 7 allows the user to create stunning charts to help arrange and display a family tree in all its glory. These can include charts for ancestors, all relatives, descendants, as well as pedigree charts. 

Picture Storage 

This feature makes it possible to use a variety of multimedia including pictures and video and then link people to their faces in the images. When you can’t quite remember the name of a relative but recognize their face, this is a useful feature and adds a personal touch rather than relying on a font to remind you who everyone is. 

Pictures and multimedia are shared resources, so a picture may show several people and link to all the people in the picture.

Create Books and Booklets

Customize professional-looking books and booklets and keep the pages interesting with all the information you can find and organize. The new software allows you to customize maps, websites, and family tree CDs and DVDs to keep your records the way you want them.

Time Slide

Not only can you mark events on maps, but when you view them you can use the time slider function to observe changes over time. Watching your family history unfold in front of your eyes is a fascinating feature.

Quick Start Guide

Whether you know how to use the previous versions of Family Historian or not, the Quick Start Guide is great for getting things rolling. It comes with an activation code and instructions, and software is downloaded from the internet so it is good to go within minutes. 

Smart Trees

The smart tree feature allows you to control chart layout like never before. Move, hide, show, and resize boxes, branches, and the tree will adjust in real-time. Drag and drop to add relatives and again, the changes will automatically adjust. 


Family Historian 7 is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, on both 32 bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. However, it does not run on Apple Mac without a Windows emulator.

It requires a minimum of 100Mb of space to store the program. 


How much does Family Historian cost?

Family Historian 7 usually costs around $50 and there is a free 30-day trial for you to try it on for size.

Does Family Historian sync with Ancestry?

Yes, it is easy to sync Family Historian with ancestry and enjoy the best features of both programs. Family Historian automatically finds records or family tree profiles so you can match other individuals.


There is plenty to like about Family Historian 7 with new features aplenty, designed to make for a seamless search as you build your family tree.

Anyone leaping the previous version will find it easy to navigate and newcomers will appreciate the simple navigation, new features, numerous reports, and fun features like historical maps. 

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