MyHeritage Family Tree Builder Review

Powerful free genealogy software with tree syncing
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With numerous family tree programs available, exploring your ancestry should be easy and fun. Any budding genealogist will know that finding new family members should be the only tricky part, not the software.

We’re going to see what one of the most popular platforms has to offer in our MyHeritage Family Tree Builder review. Used by millions worldwide, it offers numerous advantages over sketching your family tree on a huge scroll of paper (you can print via PDF for a start), so let’s take a look at what they are, and see if there is anything it could do better.

Powerful software

The main advantage of using MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is that you get to see your family tree in all its glory. They make it quick and easy to add thousands of people and it supports 40 languages, making it popular around the world. 

The software makes it easy for you to keep track of names, dates, events, and places so you don’t have to start diagrams again once you find a new family member. It’s safe to say that this program saves you a lot of time. 

SmartMatches technology

This is a massive plus point and a huge help for any budding genealogist. MyHeritage allows you to match your tree to millions of other trees to help you unveil new relatives at the click of a button. By taking away a lot of the guesswork, MyHeritage saves you time and a lot of effort. 

Stunning charts

Finding relatives is only half the battle, organizing them and displaying them so they are clear, and appealing to the eye is another. MyHeritage offers numerous ways to customize charts so you can print them. The all-in-one chart option is understandably popular, as it lets you see your entire family tree, plus additional information in all its glory. 

This sets MyHeritage Family Tree Builder apart from the competition as the charts are on another level to the competition in terms of customization and appearance. 


Users can even arrange and print professional standard PDF reports on MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. Anyone who deems presentation as an important function will appreciate the numerous options for printing. 

Reports are made in one of four categories including ancestral, descent, administrative, and stats and they all have something different to offer. This allows you to print different facts about your family, and track the events, even photographs. 

The information displayed can include all relations and family trees, plus sources, and additional notes. Not done yet, the program also allows you to add and print significant events, places, dates, and people.  

Record matching technology

This function allows users to automatically discover historical records so you can get to know, track, and make records of your ancestors. 

Private family site

Once you get some momentum, you’ll start to unveil some interesting facts and people in your family tree. Sure enough, the rest of your family will want to see for themselves. MyHeritage allows you to publish your family history via a secure family site of your own. There is space for up to 250 family members and 250MB of images.

It’s fun to use

Importing your GEDCOM file will allow you to build on any progress you’ve already made and continue to build your family tree. There are numerous ways to discover new relatives. 

Other family members can upload photos and comments should you wish to share your family tree. The data you share is only visible to the people you invite to partake and view. 


This just might be the best feature about MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. The map function allows the user to view their ancestors’ roots on a map. 

MyHeritage Family Tree ensures important information and life events can be viewed at the click of a button. This adds to the fun of seeing how far and wide your family tree stretches. 

Mobile syncing

Another neat feature is mobile syncing. This also the user to update and amend their family tree on the go. The mobile app is also free.


MyHeritage Family Tree builder has historically worked on Windows and still does, but it also works on Mac.

A new version has been made available for macOS Big Sur, Catalina, and High Sierra.


How much does it cost?

Family Tree Builder is free to download so you can research and build your family tree without having to pay a penny. 

The easy-to-use features and innovative charts can be used to build a large tree with up to 100,000 family members without charge. 

Does it sync with ancestry?

Yes, MyHeritage Family Tree Builder does sync with ancestry. This makes it easier to view and build a family tree with pre-existing records so you can get a head start on building your family tree. 

Is Family Tree Builder free?

Yes, Family Tree Builder is free and easy to download via the MyHeritage website. 

MyHeritage company overview

The MyHeritage company story is as fascinating as any. Much like many other growing businesses, it started with a humble garage setup. Now it has grown into a global business and is a leading platform in the genealogy niche.

It was founded in 2003 by Gilad Japhet, who became interested in family history when he interviewed his mother for a school project at age 13. In 2003, he created the simple software that would later shape the basic site MyHeritage.In 2005 it would go live, starting with 6 languages. 

In 2010, MyHeritage launched its mobile app, allowing users to update their family tree on the go. 

The company was started in his home near Tel Aviv but would soon move premises as the number of employees grew. In 2012, MyHeritage moved its HQ to Or Yehuda. MyHeritage uses a range of advanced technologies to help users build their family trees. It includes semantic analysis, face detection, and even DNA testing. There are over 9 billion records on their database which helps it raise awareness of genealogy. 

Where to download

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is one of the best programs for genealogy enthusiasts of all levels. By simplifying the process and allowing users to view their family tree in numerous ways via different charts and reports, it offers a custom experience.

It is also free which is almost unheard of in this day and age. Download this innovative and useful genealogy program via the MyHeritage website which can be found here

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