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Marc McDermott

There are numerous family tree building programs available, but not all of them are compatible with Mac. Those who prefer Apple products shouldn’t have to miss out on the chance to build their family tree, but thankfully, MacFamilyTree is a potential option.

We say thankfully, but unless it offers the same level of functionality, customization, innovation, and usability as the Windows-compatible options, it isn’t going to be worth the time you invest searching for your ancestors. This is why we have created our MacFamilyTree review. By the end of it, you’ll know whether or not this program is going to help or hinder your genealogical search.

What’s new in version 10?

As part of their biggest update ever, MacFamilyTree has the following new and improved features:

Improved user interface

With a fresh look, the interface is clean, modern, and more convenient than ever. The function selection list on the sidebar has been redesigned, making it easier to choose between functions. 

Much like when using other Apple products, users can choose between dark and light options, and even assign colors to separate genders and functions, making it easier to categorize and organize data. 

New edit section

The edit section has been completely redeveloped and there have been several improvements that benefit the user. Firstly, it is more intuitive, adjusting automatically to small and large screens to make for a seamless experience. 

Most information can now be edited directly. Clicking on a list expands a row, revealing a form where data can be added. It is also configurable. With version 10, users can choose which form they want to be displayed, and edit a specific entry. This means you can include the information that is relevant to you.

To top it all off, there is now a speech recognition that comes in handy when filling out long bits of information. This is modern genealogy, after all. 

Interactive tree

There are more ways to change the appearance of your tree to get it how you want it. A lot of the competition fails to offer this, so the new person’s symbols, generations, and connections are a feast for the eyes. There is also an improved editing section of persons and families, new camera orientations, and new lighting modes to get stuck into. 

Virtual tree

Again, this is another rewritten section using the latest Apple technologies to improve the appearance of your family tree. It now boasts impressive visuals, enhanced alignment of persons, and better than ever performance. Most family trees will be displayed without delay.

Another neat feature is the relationship paths that allow you to display how two people are related. This makes it easier to sort and understand any tree, for you and anyone else looking at it. 

Person groups

In MacFamilyTree 10 users can now add as many person groups as they like. Organize people in groups of location (relatives from Chicago), members of X family, etc.  

Even the branches of your family tree can be separated now using Person Groups, and you can even choose to just display certain person groups in charts. This highly customizable approach sets it apart for Mac users looking to build their family tree.

Source management

This new template makes it easier to add or customize a large number of source templates where users can even add their fields or remove the ones they don’t use. 

Citations and repositories are available and can contain personal details such as a postal address, email, phone number, and more. 

Virtual globe

The virtual globe now has an improved appearance and offers timeline control to show when events took place. Pictures and places are displayed on the Virtual Globe making it a fun addition that puts a new perspective on where different events were and ancestors lived.

Scan documents

This function allows users to scan documents using their iPhone or iPad. Important photos and documents are much easier to upload, making the days of needing a scan of all the important documents to a family tree a thing of the past.

Core features

Research tools

The arduous searching process does not need to be so difficult – many modern family tree programs have shown this. MacFamilyTree is no different and offers support for all stages of the genealogy process. It allows users to turn facts into a fun history lesson, especially when using the Virtual Globe. There is also an abundance of diagrams, reports, and charts available to help you on your fact-finding mission. 

Easy editing

One of the most impressive attributes here is the numerous ways to add information to a family tree. The FamilySearch function allows you to enter what you remember, including records of conversations and documents you have available. Version 10 allows users to see important facts about ancestors in an instant. 

Sync trees and collaborate

MacFamilyTree allows users to sync all that hard-earned information with other family members. Say your uncle is conducting his research, well you can match your trees up using CloudTree Sync&Share. 

You can also share and update the same family tree as other users at the same time without incurring any extra costs. Any changes only take a few seconds to sync. 

Excellent visuals

The upgrade has made for a beautiful and advanced program that looks great. It has been made specifically for macOS so users can make the most of their Mac whilst adding to their family tree. 


MacFamilyTree 10 is compatible with macOS 10,15 Catalina or higher, so Big Sur and Monterey are supported. An iCloud account is required if you wish to sync between different devices. 


How much does it cost?

MacFamilyTree 10 can be purchased on the Mac store and the standard price is $69.99 although it is available for $34.99 at times. 

Can I run MacFamilyTree 10 on macOS 10.15 Catalina?

Yes, it can run on macOS 10.15 Catalina or above. The company itself recommends using macOS 12 Monterey. For a seamless experience.  

Can I import a family tree made with a different app?

Any GEDCOM files can be imported and exported. This universal format allows you to exchange data with ease.

Can I share my tree on CloudTree with MacFamilyTree 9 and MobileFamilyTree 9 users?

Unfortunately, both users need to be using MacFamilyTree 10 and MobileFamilyTree 10 to share their family trees. 


With an array of new features and plenty of customization available, MacFamilyTree 10 is one of the most advanced genealogy programs. Where other programs are not as readily available for Mac users, MacFamilyTree 10 stands out as one of the best options. 

Some of the improved user interface and interactive tree features make for a fun search every time. Being able to sync between mobile and the regular version is another excellent addition to what is one of the most sophisticated family tree building programs available. 

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