Used Metal Detectors

Marc McDermott

Looking to get into the hobby of metal detecting but don’t have the funds to purchase a quality metal detector?

Buying yourself a pre-owned detector might be a good option. Often times you can snag a quality used detector for the same amount as a new, lesser quality machine.

We recommend buying a used detector on Amazon. There are many authorized dealers selling on amazon that offer open box customer returns at cut-rate prices.

Warranties on Used Metal Detectors

Here are some things to think about when dealing with metal detector warranties:

  • ​Standard Warranty: This will typically cover the cost of parts and labor to repair your detector within the warranty period.
  • Excluded Models: It’s important to note that most underwater machines will come with shorter warranty periods.
  • Time to Register: Be sure to read your warranty card and register within the time period requested by the manufacturer.
  • How to Register: Most brands will allow you to register online, on the phone, or via a postcard that is included with your detector. Some do not require you to register.
  • Transferable: If you’re buying a pre-owned detector, make sure you check if the warranty is transferable. When buying a pre-owned detector, be sure to ask for a dated copy of the original sales receipt from the original owner – the receipt that shows when and where the machine was originally purchased. If you cannot get a copy, the warranty date will default to the date of manufacture for most brands.
  • Check Status/ File Claim: If you’re buying a pre-owned detector and the warranty is transferable, make sure you check how much warranty is left. A simple phone call to the manufacturer can save you major headaches down the road.

For reviews, see our guide to the best metal detectors.

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