MyHeritage DNA Test Review

MyHeritage is a world-renowned genealogy website with over 90 million users. It has been around for many years, and is one of the best sites out there for genealogical research. In recent years, MyHeritage has started to offer DNA testing to support their other research services. By getting DNA testing done through MyHeritage DNA (see latest […]

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AncestryDNA Test Review

More and more genealogists are having DNA tests done to help them with their research. Genealogical DNA testing can help you identify living relatives, verify your connection to certain branches of a family, and narrow down (or expand) your searches by knowing where your ancestors came from. AncestryDNA is offered by Ancestry.com, perhaps the best-known […]

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Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector

Maximum Depth, Wireless Technology, All-TerrainGarrett AT MaxThis detector is a solid option for metal detectorists who are planning to hunt in a variety of soil types and terrains. It’s an all-terrain detector that can stand up to the rigors of rough conditions. The AT Max is a heavy-duty detector aimed at the serious coin, jewelry, […]

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Family Tree DNA Test Review (FTDNA)

It seems like DNA testing is all the rage in genealogy today. More and more companies offer testing, and prices are low enough now that just about anyone can afford it. They’re even advertising it on TV. But for a lot of folks, all the different claims and tests available are just as confusing at the […]

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Latest Genealogy Sales and Promos

Welcome!​I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Smarter Hobby community! We’ve confirmed your email and will be sending you all of the latest sales and promos as they’re announced.In the meantime, here are some of the sales going on right now in the genealogy world. ​Click on the links below to […]

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What is the best metal detector?

You’d like to get into metal detecting but aren’t sure which detector to go with.You’ve searched high and low on all the detecting forums, and read countless opinions, reviews and case studies – most of them likely biased.Your Youtube homepage is littered with ‘Recently Watched’ videos of every type of detector review and unboxing.Does this […]

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Best Genealogy Software

For centuries, genealogists have kept track of their research on paper.You could still do that today, but if you’re not using genealogy software, you’re really missing out. Modern genealogy software has tons of useful features for everyone, from the rank amateur just starting out to the seasoned professional. But with so many choices of software out […]

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Ancestry DNA Test Kit Sales & Coupons

AncestryDNA is known as one of the top DNA testing providers today. We’ve put together this page to track sales/coupons to help our readers get the best deals possible. Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll be adding information as new deals are announced! September 2017 – AncestryDNA Summer Sale! Ancestry.com is shredding the price on […]

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