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DD Coil vs Concentric Search Coils

The DD coil seems to be the subject of many conversations lately among beginner and advanced metal detectorists alike. I thought I’d take a few minutes and talk about what a DD coil is and how it differs from other traditional coils. Don’t Judge a Coil by Its Cover! There are 5 types of coil […]

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Garrett ACE 350 Metal Detector Review

Powerful DD Coil, User-Friendly, Economical​Garrett ACE 350This affordable detector allows users to experience many of the features of higher-end detectors (like a powerful DD coil and customizable discrimination settings) without the costly investment. This unit is ideal for finding coins, jewelry, and relics. See Today’s Price With a user-friendly interface as well as multiple detection […]

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How to Clean Your Coins with Electrolysis

When That Soft-Bristled Toothbrush Just Won’t Do the Trick I thought I’d take a few moments today to write a post on how to clean your coins with electrolysis. Before I start, I would like to put forward a disclaimer that I do not recommend performing electrolysis unless youfully understand what you are doing. Initial […]

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Used Metal Detectors for Sale

Looking to get into the hobby of metal detecting but don’t have the funds to purchase a quality metal detector? Buying yourself a pre-owned detector might be a good option. Often times you can snag a quality used detector for the same amount as a new, lesser quality machine. Here are some great offers to […]

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What are the Best Rock Tumblers for Kids?

Rock tumbling is a fantastic hobby for kids because it’s both fun and educational.Kids can learn about different rocks and minerals while having fun turning them into semi-precious gems to collect or even to make neat things like jewelry.Rock tumblers also make the perfect gift for kids – whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays, or other […]

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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

The Most Versatile Detector in its ClassGarrett AT ProThe AT Pro is priced like a mid-level detector but has many of the highly sought after features typically found in advanced machines – without being difficult to learn and master! See Today’s Price Imagine a fully waterproof metal detector packed with expert-level features – all at […]

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