Marc McDermott

Marc McDermott is a hobbyist metal detectorist and genealogist—two passions that speak to a love of uncovering things buried in the past. His third passion is sharing his hobbies with others and finding ways to break down beginner and advanced topics so that they are easy to understand and apply.

Marc’s interest in metal detecting started early. As a kid he spent countless hours metal detecting on the banks of a brook near his childhood hometown, the historic village of Readington, New Jersey. Founded in 1730, Readington is where Marc had some of his oldest and most thrilling finds to date. As an adult, Marc took his childhood passion and turned it into a business. For 10 years he owned a metal detecting store where he helped other hobbyists find the right metal detectors, accessories, and recovery tools to match their experience level and type of detecting. 

While Marc’s interest in genealogy came later than metal detecting, his passion for all things genealogical is just as great. A member of the National Genealogical Society and an annual attendee of RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Marc is always eager for opportunities to connect with genealogy experts and learn about the latest ideas in family history research and DNA. While genealogical concepts (especially genetic genealogy) can be complex, Marc loves finding ways to break down difficult topics for his readers and sharing examples from his own family research.

When not writing about metal detecting or genealogy, you might find Marc searching for a record at the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton, or metal detecting in Harvey Cedars, his favorite spot on the Jersey shore.

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