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Best DNA Test for Ancestry

How to Choose the DNA Testing Kit That’s Best for YouFor centuries, genealogists have relied on oral and written records to trace their family trees. But around the year 2000, the age of genealogical DNA testing was launched. This provided genealogists and family historians with an opportunity to use well-established scientific methods to prove relationships […]

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DNA Testing for Jewish Ancestry

The Jewish faith and customs stretch back more than three thousand years, connecting lives today with their ancient roots. But genealogically establishing that connection has its challenges. This article explains how modern DNA testing and genetic genealogy can help. We recommend testing with Family Tree DNA.Judaism is a ReligionEthnicity is generally defined by people who […]

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DNA Testing for Dogs

Doggie DNA:​ Genetic Testing for Your Canine FriendI’ll be honest – when I first heard about DNA testing my dog, I was a bit skeptical. What would it tell me? What would it cost? And is it actually legitimate? Those were just a few of the questions circling my mind.Well after testing my little guy […]

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DNA Testing Kit Holiday Deals 2017

Looking for some last minute Holiday deals on DNA testing kits?We’ve got you covered! We’ll be updating this page as new 2017 Holiday deals are announced.Not sure which test to buy? Check out our complete guide to DNA testing here.Looking for some stellar Black Friday deals on your next metal detector purchase?We’ve got you covered!We’ll […]

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23andMe vs Ancestry DNA

Which DNA Test is Best and How to Choose Sneak peak: 23andMe vs Ancestry DNAHere’s a quick comparison of how the two companies stack up. As you can see, they both have their strong points.Best for… (our verdict)GenealogyFamily History ResearchDNA MatchesHealth ScreeningBasic YDNA & mtDNAWhere to buyAncestry.comAmazonEthnicity EstimatesYes (150 regions)Yes (31 regions)Tests OfferedAutosomal (ethnicity)- Bundled […]

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Living DNA Review

Looking for a DNA test to discover your family roots and expand your family tree?Living DNA (see latest price) is one of the several companies that offer genealogical DNA testing. Each company has its own great features, and Living DNA is no exception.DNA testing is a great way to help move forward with your family […]

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Best DNA Test for Native American Ancestry

In North America, many families believe they have Native American ancestors.Paper records can be near impossible to track down. That’s why many people are turning to DNA for the answer.DNA can’t be faked, and it can’t be lost.It is a permanent, testable link to your family’s past. And it can help you connect with your […]

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23andMe DNA Test Review

It seems like genealogical DNA testing is popping up everywhere you look these days. There are a lot of options when it comes to DNA testing, and a lot of benefits, too. One company that offers some unique options and benefits that you won’t find anywhere else is 23andMe (see latest pricing). Unlike most companies that […]

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